Rakuten collaborative campaign Rakuten collaborative campaign

First, please get a Rakuten discount coupon!

Rakuten Discount Coupon

Rakuten's related terms will apply. Please check detailed at coupon acquisition page.

if you purchase on Rakuten over 8,000 JPY

Int'l shipping fee will be discounted up to


Purchases made by
26-May-2024 23:59:00(JST)

Purchase on Rakuten and satisfy camapign conditions.

You'll receive the Coupon from GOYOKIKIYA.

Int'l Carriage will be discounted up to 1,000 JPY!

Important notice

Campaign Summary

Campaign summary
If your each Rakuten Ichiba order's purchase amount exceeds 8,000JPY, you'll get one "GOYOKIKIYA Int'l carriage 1,000JPY discount" coupon.
*Please see the campaign rules below.

Campaign rules

For applying to this campaign, all of following terms and conditions needs to be satisfied.

Market place
To be purchased at Rakuten Ichiba.
To be ordered and purchased between 23-May-2024 00:00:00 and 26-May-2024 23:59:00 (Japan Standard Time).
*Order needs to be completed within this period.
Order amount (item price) needs to be equal to or exceeds 8,000JPY.
*Multiple orders cannot be added up. Each order needs to be over above threshold.
*Expenses/Fees except item price (like domestic carriage) won't be counted.
*"Non-item" price like service fee won't be counted.
*Payment method (cash, credit card, Rakuten Super Point) won't affect campaign eligibility.
*In case you use coupon, discounted amount needs to be over above threshold.
*In case total item price doesn't satisfy these terms and conditions, campaign discount cannot be applied, whatever the reason may be.
Int'l Shipping
All items needs to be shipped out by GOYOKIKIYA till 31-May-2024 23:59:59 (Japan Standard Time).
*To send "ship request" to GOYOKIKIYA, payment needs to be completed.
*Whatever the reason, if a valid "ship request" is not detected within a deadline, discount cannot be applied. Please pay attention to your purchase's estimated delivery date.


Please also be sure to read below.

Discount can only be applied to international carriage. Other fees and expenses won't be discounted.
Discount amount is limited up to 1,000JPY. (Discount amount cannot be splitted or carried forward.) In case purchase be packed into several packages, discount can be applied to only one package.

Coupon can be issued up to 5times. Coupon will be issued when Rakuten detect eligible order.

Other coupons cannot be applied at the same time.

Please set the delivery address completely same as GOYOKIKIYA provided ("shopping address"). Purchase(s), which is/are sent to or requested to send to other destination, cannot be applied discount.
Eligible customer will be notified via e-mail. Please proceed to designated URL.
Discount cannot be applied after they are packed.

Multiple coupons cannot be applied once.

Coupon will be issued within three - five operating days after purchase. If you haven't been informed, please contact support staff.
GOYOKIKIYA reserves the rights to refuse the use of GOYOKIKIYA if following case detected.
- One user (or group) utilize the multiple Rakuten account or the multiple GOYOKIKIYA account.

GOYOKIKIYA reserve the rights to refuse the use of GOYOKIKIYA if inappropriate use (including suspicious case) detected.
GOYOKIKIYA and Rakuten don't take any responsibility or liability for any loss (including opportunity loss).

GOYOKIKIYA may share the customer's usage data with Rakuten Inc.