Prohibited items

According to the related regulations, there are some types of un-shipppable items. Pleae check before use our service.

Prohibited items

Flammable products

We are unable to send nail polish, hair color, paints, solvents, matches, lighters, disinfectants containing alcohol, high alcohol content alcoholic beverages etc.
*We are unable to send any of these creams. For products whose safety can be verified by Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), please consult with our staff
*2)For high alcohol content alcoholic beverages and other items that are suspected to be flame retardant, please consult with our staff.

Using flammable and combustible materials

Oil heaters, automotive parts(*1) etc.
*1)We are unable to accept these products due to the possibility of trace amounts of oil remaining in the product as a result of inspections by the manufacturer.


Spray can

Hairspray, insect repellents, insecticides, paint sprays etc.
*We can send products with a spray structure but without the high pressure inside, such as the hand-spray type found in household cleaners.
Please note that some items such as razors and toys may come with a spray structure as accessories.


Perishable or perishable items

Fresh vegitables/fruites/meats etc.
Chilled / Frozen products
When shipping by air or sea, it may be delivered at higher or lower temperatures than room temperature. Please avoid products that are susceptible to deterioration due to temperature


Products with batteries or lithium batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, mobile batteries, e-cigarettes, wireless earphones, speakers, game consoles etc.
*) As long as the device is safely built into the device, it can be sent (but there are some restrictions).


Sending Lithium Batteries by International Mail

It must be sent with the batteries built into the device to be used. Batteries cannot be sent by themselves.

You can also send your items by international airmail (EMS, SAL, AIR) or by sea.

We can send lithium phones to many countries and territories that receive international mail.
(Previously, delivery of lithium-ion batteries was regulated, but this was amended as of January 1, 2013)


We can send lithium phones to many countries and territories that receive international mail. (Amended from January 1, 2013)
Note that we cannot deliver to certain countries and regions.

We can send you the following electrical capacity

Type Conditions
※Most laptop and mobile phone batteries are here .
100 watt-hours (Wh) or less
※The outer container must have its watt-hour rating indicated on the outside .
Cell 20 watt-hours (Wh)

Watt-hour (Wh) can be calculated by the following formula.
Wh = Ah × V
Example: 780mAh × 3.8V = 2.9Wh

*Even if it is a lithium battery, button-type lithium batteries do not fall under the restrictions listed on this page.
*) If you are unsure whether the device (battery) you want to send is one of the above mentioned, please ask our staff for assistance.

There is a limit to the amount we can send you at one time.

For lithium batteries, the limit is 2 per package. The maximum number of lithium batteries is 4 cells per package.

If you wish to send more than one shipment at a time, please contact our staff.

It must be installed into the equiopments.

A lithium battery must be embedded in the device for delivery.
Many laptops, cell phones, etc. do not have a lithium battery built into the device when you buy it.
We are also able to Installation on behalf of the customer at the time of shipping.
*) We charge a fee of 300 yen per order.
* Since mobile batteries for charging mobile phones and smartphones are treated as "battery only", we cannot send them by international mail.

For more information, please refer to the Japan Post website as well. (Click here to go to the Japan Post website.
Conditions for mailing lithium batteries by international mail


Cash, checks, bills, stock certificates and other securities, credit cards and other cards, live animals, obscene or immoral items, poisonous, radioactive or unsanitary items and other items as defined by the relevant authorities or by relevant laws and regulations.


Please note that there are other items that cannot be sent as listed above. Please refer to the "Prohibited items page for more information.

Items that cannot be sent as determined by the destination country/region

Please note that some items are prohibited in certain countries/regions. Please check in advance for prohibited items in the destination country/region.

Country / Region guide

In particular, the following products are available in different countries. Please check the Country/Region Guide or contact our staff for more information.
Products containing lithium-ion batteries (especially in Germany, Italy and France)
, alcoholic beverages
and rice.