How to use your "Shopping address"

Once you registered to GOYOKIKIYA, you'll be provided your "Shopping address" for your purchase at Japanse EC sites.
Please read below and enjoy your shopping!

What is "Shopping address" ?

You'll be provided your own "Shopping address" when you register to GOYOKIKIYA.
You can use "Shopping address" as your purchase's delivery addreess.

Your "Shopping address" has your membership code, so we can identify your purchase belongs to you.

How it works?

When you shop at Japanese shopping site, set your "Shopping address" as delivery address.

When your purchase arrives to your "Shopping address", we'll notify you via email.
Once all your purchases arrive, please send us a "Pack request" and "Ship request". We'll send your purchase to you.


Your membership code, which is placed at the end of your "Shopping address", should be included.
If not, we cannot identify your purchase.

Please don't use for other purpose.

  • Use it as a contact address/tel when you reserve hotels.
  • Use it as a residential address when you create account on banks etc.
  • Use it as a new residential address when you move to another country