"Direct order" user's guide

Purchase Japanese product directly at GOYOKIKIYA website.
No need to register, payment method setup or delivery address setup at EC sites.

How to use

GOYOKIKIYA customer? You're all set.


Pick up your favorite items and add them to shopping cart.
Choose your favorite category.
Or search by name or keyword.
Add your favorites to shopping cart.

STEP02. Payment

Select shopping cart and select payment method.
Or adjust order amount or remove.

Select payment method at cart page.
Edit amount or remove item.

STEP03. Login to MyPage

Login required.

STEP04. Submit your order

Click ORDER button.


Please read through below.
(1)International shipping fee is NOT included.
(2)A few days will be required for arrnaging items.
   *Notification mail will be sent when items are ready.
(3)In case of item is out of stock, that item will be cannceled without any advanced notice.