Company Profile

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Service International shipping service for personal users.
Service name GOYOKIKIYA
Operator one plus one co., ltd.
Manager Kentaro Tamura
Inquiry Please contact here.
Web site
and other subdomains.
Fee Shipping fee and other optional fee will be charged. Details are explained in this website.
Other costs User may be required to absorb other costs like below.
- Import tax, VAT or other related charges.
- Costs to deliver user's purchase to GOYOKIKIYA warehouse.
Payment method Credit cards, bank transfer etc.
Due of payment Basically, user will be required to pay fees before shipping out.
Due of service We will ship within one operating day after from payment.
Service disruption We may stop providing our service in case of below.
-System incident
- Fire, power failure etc.
- Disaster, war, terrorism etc.
- Service / system / facility upgrade or maintenance
- Other cases
Order cancel / refund Basically, we cannot accept cancellation.
Liability and compensation in case of the incident which is caused by our fault, we may conpensate for it within the limits of below.
- Loss or damage during at our storage / warehouse will be covered by the insurance we use.
- Any loss caused by our miss handling will be compensated within the handling fee which user will pay or paid.
- Damage or lost during shipment will be covered by carriers compansation policy.
Service cancellation Please contact here.